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Naomi's General Musings!

By Naomi, Nov 30 2015 12:34PM

I am super excited to launch my BRAND NEW WEBSITE!

After struggling with my Wordpress website for years, I decided that it was time to start afresh and open a new online haberdashery shop! Especially as I have lovely new branding and logo, it made sense to showcase it all on a more user friendly website.

Add some buttons into your life!

I am so pleased with how the website and logo looks (thanks to the lovely Fi & Becs Design & Marketing for designing our fabulous new logo and website!) so have a look around and let me know what you think!


This isn't so much of a Bright Button blog/news page, but for where (I, Naomi) can write down all the random things that pop into my head and feel as though I need to share!


As well as buttons and zips, I do in fact love writing. So either read and enjoy, or move swiftly back to the button world!


Naomi x